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Systems Analyst Degrees

What is Systems Analysis?
This is a career which may interest you if you hold a minimum of a bachelor’s in computer science MIS (management of Information Systems) or information technology. Most organizations rely on their computer systems for a variety of functions from accounts, to communications, record keeping to inventory. As new technology evolves, your challenge as a systems analyst might be to ensure that older technology may integrate with newer technology. The biggest challenge may be is adding new software and hardware to the system without interruption of service to other company employees. You may be involved in many discussions with other team members to decide what is needed. You might liaise with systems developers and architects to work out the solution. You may even be involved in purchasing decisions.

What Might I Learn?
This depends largely on which program you study. The curriculum for computer science may have a different focus from management of information systems. Employers may also look for different levels of educational achievement and qualifications. Many employers may be interested if you demonstrate knowledge of their industry sector as well as computer skills. An accountancy firm may, for example, view you favorably if you may show that you have a reasonable knowledge of accountancy. Having this extra knowledge may be a bonus, but might not hold you back.

Career Outlook
The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 Data shows the Annual Median Salary of Computer Systems Analysts as $77,740.

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