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Six Sigma Degrees

What is Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is a method of improving quality control management. You will find that it differs from traditional quality control training since it is a continuous process. Older methods of quality control relied on setting a target or set of criteria. If production failed to meet those criteria, a one off correction would be implemented. Six Sigma is a far more reliable method for continuous improvement.

What May I Learn with Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is designed for quality control within an industrial setting. There are various levels such Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, or Design for Six Sigma. The main elements you might come across in Six Sigma training are industrial stability, flow, pull, and enterprise. Once you have completed Six Sigma training, you might have developed a broad understanding of Six Sigma principles and practices. You might also be able to implement Six Sigma programs in manufacturing operations across a range of industries.

What Careers are Available?
While Six Sigma is not a requirement, it may be recognized by the industry. Median annual earnings for industrial production managers were $87,160 in May 2010 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 Data.

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