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Computer Programming Degrees

If you’re a computer whiz looking to make a career of your technical talents, a degree in computer programming will help take you there. It is the computer programmer who builds the instructions that computers must follow in order to run efficiently, and the proper education will allow you to program a wide range of computers and solve problems with flair.

Although it is possible to get a computer programming position with experience alone, it is the combination of experience a computer programming degree that will land you the best jobs and the best chance for advancement in this competitive field. Your computer programming education will most likely include college courses in computer programming on information systems, mathematics, computer science, traditional computer languages, and also the newer, object-oriented programming languages, such as C++ and Java.

Your courses should include training on the latest computer programming languages available, as the field of computer programming is driven by advances in technology.
Even after you earn your computer programming degree, it will be necessary to take continuing education or other training courses in order to keep up with swiftly changing technology.

With a computer programming degree in hand, you will be ready to enter this dynamic field and influence the technology that plays such a large role in life today. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programmers held about 455,000 jobs in 2004, with median annual earnings around $62,890. The bureau reports that the top 10 percent of computer programmers earned more than $99,610 in 2004.

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