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Bachelors (BIT) Network Administration Degree

Network administration is definitely a hot field. Most major technical schools offer such a program at the bachelor and higher levels.

This particular program is offered by AIU Campus…

Although networking administration was a fairly uncommon field just two decades ago, it has blossomed into an enormous industry in the wake of broadband technology, wireless telecommunications, and globalization. Charged with the task of building, maintaining, and protecting networks of computers, administrators in this field help the rest of us process and store data quickly, efficiently, and securely. Companies around the world turn to those with bachelor’s (BIT)–network administration degrees to build inter- and intra-office connections so that they may remain current and up to date in the ever-changing business landscape.

What Can a Bachelor’s (BIT)–Network Administration Degree Teach You?
Although your primary focus is on wide area networks, local area networks, and wireless communications, most programs also include programming, switching, routing, computer science, mathematics, logic, cyber security, and various aspects of Web design. And even though certificate and associates training is often sufficient for some working environments, having a bachelor’s degree signals to employers that you possess the requisite skills necessary to keep their office systems safe and secure from malfunction and security threats.

What Can a Bachelor’s (BIT)–Network Administration Degree Do for You?
Because cyber threats, newer technologies, and expanding networks are becoming more common in the modern workplace, network administration training can help position you for rapid career advancement and sustainable job security in the coming years. Current estimates indicate that demand for network administrators might grow faster than the national average, in large part due to our growing dependence on Internet technology and information sharing.

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