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In the past, drafters and designers sat at drawing boards to manually craft the mechanical blueprints of three dimensional objects that were intended to be built. From toasters and telephones to airplanes, bridges, and buildings, the layers of each object were carefully designed before construction began, to ensure satisfaction and efficiency. 

Today, the same care and attention to detail is put into the design and drafting of these same objects, but the process is no longer performed by hand. In almost every realm of design, computers are used to create three dimensional drafts with ease and precision. The software employed is known generally as CAD, or computer aided design.

AutoCAD is one such suite of software, offering users the ability to design and draft objects and two and three dimensions. With proper AutoCAD training and certification, one can learn to create, edit, and design realistic objects from start to finish, using realistic solids and surfaces. An AutoCAD degree will teach you to use sketching, shadowing, rendering, walk-through animations, and more, all on the AutoCAD software. AutoCAD also enables designers and drafters to flatten and print the two and three dimensional creations for presentations and more.

Training toward an AutoCAD degree will prepare you to apply for a variety of jobs in drafting and design. You might be interested in becoming an aeronautical drafter, using AutoCAD to design airplanes, missiles, or other related parts. Or you may choose to become a civil drafter, and use AutoCAD to plan your city’s highways, bridges, sewer systems, and other important components. Other areas of design that use AutoCAD include architecture, electronics, and mechanical devices of all types.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, drafters held about 254,000 jobs in 2004. With a degree in AutoCAD, you will be ready to join their ranks, in the field of your choice. The bureau reports that the average annual earnings of drafters were $39,190 in May 2004, with the highest 10 percent earning more than $57,670. However, pay varies widely according to your level of training and experience, as well as the field of design in which you choose to work.

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