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Cisco Training

If you want to work in the IT industry, there’s a good chance you may need some Cisco Training.  Cisco is a company that makes products integral to corporate networking, like routers, switches, network security, network storage, etc.

Because Cisco’s products are used by so many companies, Cisco has developed certain certification programs that may help employers identify the skills of potential job applicants.  Cisco training certifications are often divided up into different categories, and various schools teach these certification programs by Cisco.

Associate Cisco Training
Associate Cisco training is intended for more entry level positions. The certification programs that fall into this level include CCNA and CCDA certifications. Pursuing these certifications shows employers that you have the basic IT and networking skills to handle entry level IT work. These certifications programs may also be offered online by distance learning schools.

Professional Cisco Training
The main difference between professional and associate Cisco training certifications is responsibility. Professional certifications, like the CCNP, or the CCIP, for example, test IT professional to make sure they may fix more complex issues in their particular networking field. Many professional track Cisco training certifications may also be offered from online schools.

Expert Cisco Training
There is a CCIE examination offered in the different IT subfields, including network security, voice, and storage, among others. This certification may require applicants to pass a written examination before traveling to Cisco and enduring an 8 hour lab examination. Cisco doesn’t allow partner schools to administer this certification.

If you need one of these Cisco certifications, you may check any one of these online technology schools.


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