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A+ Certification

An A+ certification can open up a whole new career as a computer service technician. Training for the A+ certification allows you to learn about a computer inside and out and is recognized worldwide.
What the A+ certification teaches you
There are several kinds of A+ certification; the CompTIA A+ certification is probably the most popular. The CompTIA A+ certification is recognized industry-wide, validating the technician and certifying their 500 hours of experience of troubleshooting, repairing, building and upgrading computers.

Qualified computer service technicians can work in all kinds of industries looking after their computer needs. Jobs available include helpdesk work, onsite technician and manager.

Training for the A+ certification
The joy of the A+ certifications is that you can combine hand-on experience with online learning. You can even take your certification test online. Here are some of the areas your A+ training will cover:

• operating systems
• microprocessors
• storage media
• modems
• hardware
• software

Online training can build a program tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. Once qualified, technicians with the A+ certification are in great demand and earn around $40,000.00 on average. They can also be a stepping stone to other careers in computers.

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[...] had that kind of training on the job, you’ll have to get it through a certification process. A+ training and certification is a certification program that many employers require from applicants. Those that pass an A+ [...]

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