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Looking for a Computer Repair Degree?

Computer-repair technicians maintain and repair computers, scanners, and other computer equipment.  They may run diagnostic programs and use special testing equipment to find out why a computer isn’t working. With millions of computers out there, there may be numerous opportunities for computer repair technicians.
When you go to school to pursue a computer repair technician, you [...]

Video Game Programming Degrees

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So you’re interested in Video Game Programming and Development? What if a school existed that had a collaborative partnership with Nintendo Video Games of America? You may like to pursue from a Washington State based DigiPen Institute of Technology.
DigiPen is a school [...]

10 Information Technology Careers

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Six Sigma Degrees

What is Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is a method of improving quality control management. You will find that it differs from traditional quality control training since it is a continuous process. Older methods of quality control relied on setting a target or set of criteria. If production failed to meet those criteria, a one off correction [...]

Systems Analyst Degrees

What is Systems Analysis?
This is a career which may interest you if you hold a minimum of a bachelor’s in computer science MIS (management of Information Systems) or information technology. Most organizations rely on their computer systems for a variety of functions from accounts, to communications, record keeping to inventory. As new technology evolves, your [...]