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Information Systems Security Courses

We’ve discussed Information Technology degrees in prior posts. In order to prepare, you may need your bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. Many companies may require you to pursue your master’s degree in business with a technology emphasis, reflecting the growing management and business responsibilities of information systems managers. Typical courses in information systems include business [...]

Relational Database Concepts Course

First let’s quickly discuss what Relational Database Concepts are anyway
very organization has data that needs to be collected, managed,
Every organization has data that needs to be collected, managed, and analyzed. A relational database fulfills these needs. Along with the powerful features of a relational database come requirements for developing and maintaining the database. Data analysts, database [...]

IS Risk Management /Intrusion Detection Course

I was checking out ITT Tech’s website today and found a program that was of interest to me.
The IS Risk management and intrusion detection is a course that addresses what else? concepts of risk management and intrusion detection. Areas of instruction include how to assess and manage risks to information security and identifying the activities involved [...]