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Computer Science Degrees Insights

The following is adapted from Tony Targonski,  a student at the University of Waterloo, Canada who is pursuing a degree in what else, Computer Science.


Computer Science

Computer Science may be done as a major in the Bachelor of Science degree or by choosing courses in the Bachelor of Information Technology degree that have a particular focus.

This is where one may get to design algorithms, mathematically figure out their efficiencies, and may actually get to write out code to implement the said algorithms in practice. For those who enjoy figuring out just how the code works, and generally code monkey around – this might be the program of choice.

Software Engineering

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Probably the closest program to Computer Science. If Computer Science is about writing code, then Software Engineering is thinking about writing the said code.

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Computer Engineering

In many ways similar to Software Engineering, the Computer Engineering discipline deals with design of specialized type of software, and incorporates more hardware material into studies.

Here you get to design your circuit board, and program it too! Lower level coding, but for actual physical gadgets. Pretty cool.

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Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is an interesting program as it tries to integrate every other discipline from the above chart. Described as a mix of Software, Hardware, Mechanical parts, and lots of Maths, there was still room to include a couple of programming courses into the program’s schedule.

The broad scope may likely be appealing for those interested in picking up on a lot of new and varying material. Very management material course, as the education promises a middle ground that may unite all the other disciplines that are deemed to be unable to communicate well with each other.

Maths / Physics

There may be an option to ditch the computers all together, and pursue the pure logic, theory, and problem solving with the underlying Mathematics. Computer Science is inherently mathematical in nature, and to some there is an appeal in this direction of problem solving by numbers, theory, and without limitations and bounds of programming languages.

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