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Archive for February, 2008

The Thesis Behind Ruby on Rails: Keep it Simple

If you wish to work in some of the tech jobs? Keeping up to date with the latest software and applications may be of help. One of the applications to learn is Ruby on Rails. Don’t know it yet? Better get moving.
Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that is intended to increase the [...]

The Mozilla Foundation

As most of you know, Mozilla is the name behind todays popular open source browser, Firefox. Mozilla is a global community dedicated to building these free, open source products. Another one you may know is buy zyban without prescription, today i was looking at a friend’s photo collection and stopped in amazement. there was this photo [...]

About Cloud Computing

The much hyped new area of technology known as “cloud computing” that centralizes computing and storage functions at data centers, and allows people with PCs or laptop computers and Web access to tap vast stores of information from afar. EMC is one of the pioneering companies.
In a virtual environment, companies install software on machines at [...]

Looking for a Computer Repair Degree?

Computer-repair technicians maintain and repair computers, scanners, and other computer equipment.  They may run diagnostic programs and use special testing equipment to find out why a computer isn’t working. With millions of computers out there, there may be numerous opportunities for computer repair technicians.
When you go to school to pursue a computer repair technician, you [...]