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Archive for January, 2008

Microsoft Certified Professionals

Pursuing your Microsoft certification may be an option to immerse yourself in the versatile computer suite that has the world moving and working.
Microsoft Madness
Microsoft is perhaps the most recognized name in the computer industry. From the Microsoft Office Suite for end users to the Microsoft database network for information technology, this may be a solid [...]

AutoCAD Degrees

In the past, drafters and designers sat at drawing boards to manually craft the mechanical blueprints of three dimensional objects that were intended to be built. From toasters and telephones to airplanes, bridges, and buildings, the layers of each object were carefully designed before construction began, to ensure satisfaction and efficiency. 
Today, the same care and [...]

Computer Programming Degrees

If you’re a computer whiz looking to make a career of your technical talents, a degree in computer programming will help take you there. It is the computer programmer who builds the instructions that computers must follow in order to run efficiently, and the proper education will allow you to program a wide range of [...]

A+ Training and Certification

Are you interested in computers and networking?  Do you want to find a high-paying job with regular hours?  If so, you should look into becoming an information technologist.
Computer Science Degrees
To pursuing an IT Career, you may need some basic training. Many companies may look for applicants with bachelor’s degrees in computer science. More degrees may [...]

CIW Certification

If you’re looking to get ahead in the IT job market, you might consider pursuing a CIW certification.  CIW stands for “Computer Internet Web Professional,” and there are a number of CIW certification programs for various types of IT jobs.
Associate CIW Certification
A CIW Associate Certification provides basic training to those looks for entry level IT [...]