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How to Find Your Next Tech Job

Are you a seasoned IT guy in between jobs? Were you recently downsized or replaced? Are you looking for substantially more nickels in that paycheck? We have heard some good things about this company. TheLadders.com, Inc. is a privately held offering online job search destinations and content for the $100k+ sector of the employment market, [...]

Tech Employers!

Fortune magazine recently posted their 100 Best Companies to work for in 2008. They surveyed nearly 100,000 employees from 406 different companies and asked them to evaluate their employers. While technically they don’t rate this company as their top tech employer, I’m making the call it is. Now guess who?
You guessed it, our beloved search [...]

Information Systems Security Courses

We’ve discussed Information Technology degrees in prior posts. In order to prepare, you may need your bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. Many companies may require you to pursue your master’s degree in business with a technology emphasis, reflecting the growing management and business responsibilities of information systems managers. Typical courses in information systems include business [...]

Six Sigma Degrees

What is Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is a method of improving quality control management. You will find that it differs from traditional quality control training since it is a continuous process. Older methods of quality control relied on setting a target or set of criteria. If production failed to meet those criteria, a one off correction [...]

Systems Analyst Degrees

What is Systems Analysis?
This is a career which may interest you if you hold a minimum of a bachelor’s in computer science MIS (management of Information Systems) or information technology. Most organizations rely on their computer systems for a variety of functions from accounts, to communications, record keeping to inventory. As new technology evolves, your [...]