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Video Game Programming Degrees

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So you’re interested in Video Game Programming and Development? What if a school existed that had a collaborative partnership with Nintendo Video Games of America? You may like to pursue from a Washington State based DigiPen Institute of Technology.
DigiPen is a school [...]

Linus Torvalds: A Linux History

If you’re reading this I’m sure you may be knowing a thing or two about Linux. But did you know this kernel of code was written by the now famous, Linus Torvalds? What started out as a hobby operating system(OS) for his Intel 80386 CPU quickly became the operating system of choice. Currently 2% of [...]

Oracle9i Certified Professional (OCPDBA) Database Administrator

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10 Computer Programming Languages You Might Want to Know

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1. PHP
What is PHP? PHP is an open-source, server side html scripting language well suited for web developers as it can easily be embedded into standard html pages. You can run 100% dynamic pages or hybrid [...]

10 Information Technology Careers

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